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Were you and your health is very important to us! We would to introduce you to our new therapists who are the best in the business, and are passionate about massage and its healing properties. We are now Prenatal Certified with our newest therapist Emily.


Massage therapy is the most natural and obvious healing method in the world. Most times when we experience a pain in our own bodies we immediately rub ,apply pressure or support the area in hopes of a quick relief of pain. It is our first instinct

Massage is a 4000 year old art form of therapy, which today is considered  part of complimentary and alternative medicine.  Our clients refer to us with issues of Fibromyalgia pain, back and or neck pain, shoulder pain, concerns with hand or forearm pain or stiffness. Pain in their legs or hips. Some are athletes,  or experience general aches and pains due to profession or lingering issues from past professions. Some just need to relax and let go of the stress life hands us.   

Sarah Bryant; Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT),  Esthetician.

is a graduate from the Myotheraphy institute located in Lincoln Nebraska. Besides training in massage therapy Sarah is a licensed practical nurse. Sarah’s love of nursing led to an advocated interest in massage therapy. Sarah has spent her entire professional career dedicated to the well being of others. Sarah Bryant is a Lincoln native, attending and graduating from Southeast High School as well as Southeast Community College. Sarah also has now graduated from the college of hair design as an esthetician and will be adding facials and waxing to her services she offers.Sarah has three children currently enrolled in Lincoln Public Schools. Sarah has been with The Body Shoppe since 9/2016.


Emily: Licensed Massage Therapist  (LMT)

Emily's love for massage therapy started when she was just  about five years old. She was able to help her last daycare provider with her migraines when Emily worked on her neck and shoulder area. That is when Emily's love to work with her begun. Years went by and Emily thought more about what she wanted to do with career. The thought of massage therapy was still in her mind, but with an increase of pregnant women, Emily seemed tied between the massage therapy and becoming a prenatal nurse. It was later in sophomore year of high school that Emily would further explore into massage therapy. During her schooling at Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare of Herzing University, Emily further explored prenatal massage, sports massage, deep tissue and Reiki. She looks forward to working with her future clients and to further her education even more in the prenatal, postpartum and infant massage. Emily has been with The Body Shoppe since 11/2015.

Dennis Varley: Licensed massage therapist  (LMT) Owner.                                                                               

I am a licensed massage therapist who graduated from the Myotherapy Institute Inc. in December of 2012. After spending two years in physical therapy school I got into massage therapy. I love the health benefits of massage and want to help people with their health and relaxation. My massages include sixty and ninety minute deep tissue, Swedish, hot stones, and deep muscle therapy. I do prefer ninety minute massages it gives me more time to focus on client’s problem areas and the client leaves so much more refreshed and relaxed. My continuing education classes have been focused on learning new forms of myofacial release and neuromuscular massage to better help people with pain relief such as fibromyalgia, stress headaches, and migraine relief. I was with The Body shoppe in 2014, before purchasing it in 7/2015.

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                                                                   Dennis Varley LMT