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Best Massage Therapy in Lincoln, NE

Welcome to The Body Shoppe!

Were you and your health is very important to us! We would to introduce you to our therapists who are the best in the business, and are passionate about massage and its healing properties.

Threasa Licensed Massage Therapist: I received my Associate Degree of Applied Science in Massage Therapy through the Myotherapy Institute in 2013. Throughout my journey, of never ending learning, I strive to further my understanding of the complexity of the body and its ability to heal itself. I believe in utilizing my expertise to assist in this process. In order to reach individualized goals of clients, I use a collaboration of different modalities such as: Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger point therapy, sinus pressure points, spa treatments, and myofascial release. I’ve also have taken continuing education courses like headaches; types and treatments and also multiple assisted stretching training courses. As a personal favorite I enjoy providing exfoliating hydration treatments. Including skin care along with body work is always a great combination! My favorite part of my job is providing holistic care for clients, whether in a therapeutic approach with deep tissue techniques or a relaxing and effective Swedish massage, I enjoy making people feel great after their session. Threasa has been with The Body Shoppe since January 2016.  

Dennis Varley: Licensed massage therapist (LMT) Owner.

I am a licensed massage therapist who graduated from the Myotherapy Institute Inc. in December of 2012. After spending two years in physical therapy school I got into massage therapy. I love the health benefits of massage and want to help people with their health and relaxation. My massages include sixty and ninety minute deep tissue, Swedish, hot stones, and deep muscle therapy. I do prefer ninety minute massages it gives me more time to focus on client’s problem areas and the client leaves so much more refreshed and relaxed. My continuing education classes have been focused on learning new forms of myofacial release and neuromuscular massage to better help people with pain relief such as fibromyalgia, stress headaches, and migraine relief. I was with The Body shoppe in 2014, before purchasing it in 7/2015.

Please come see us at The Body Shoppe for all of your massage needs.

You can book online right here on our website or give us a call at 402-440-5852.


Dennis Varley LMT 

Why Us?

While other establishments offer a specific massage for varying prices. I feel each session may find you in need of a specific issue to be addressed. I customize each massage to your needs. Every massage session will start with a consultation and inquiry of what you feel your needs are. Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Hot Stone, Aroma Therapy, Sports Massage, Seated Massage may be a basis to start and I can accommodate area specific requests. Every client is their own individual and I treat you as such.

convenient day and evening hours By Appointment

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